You want to sell your house, and you may even have chosen a Realtor®. Perhaps your Realtor® has toured your property and recommended that you hire a home stager to help you ready your house for the market. Maybe you’ve heard about home staging from another source. And perhaps you’re thinking, “Why should I use a home staging professional?” Or, “My house is decorated beautifully. I don’t need a stager.” So why bother with the additional time and expense to stage your house?

Staging and Decorating Are Different

Many home sellers (and even some real estate professionals) aren’t aware of one simple fact: Home staging and home decorating are completely different. Home decorators are experts in helping you create a warm, comfortable, attractive environment that is tailored to your tastes and style of living. A great home decorator brings your personality into your house and truly makes it YOURS.

What’s the Difference?

The task is very different for a home stager! My job is to take your beautiful, personal, tailored, unique home and turn it back into a house—a product that someone else wants to buy and live in. My job is to help you not only declutter and organize your house and property but to make your living and storage spaces look brighter, bigger and cleaner, and to take your personality—and your family’s—out of the space.

For the most part, decorating is an art. Home staging is not only an art; it’s a science! I’m educated and experienced in spotting outdated décor, needed repairs, smells, clutter, wasted space…so much that a typical seller might not be aware could be displeasing to a prospective buyer.

Still not Convinced?

If you’re still not convinced that you need a home stager, here are some other reasons why home staging is a good investment:

  1. You’ll sell your house faster. Staged homes spend far less time on the market than homes that aren’t staged. And even homes that get staged AFTER they’ve lingered on the market for an average two months then sell in an average of only 10 days after being staged!
  2. You’ll make more money. On average, staging costs less than 1% of a home’s asking price but can generate up to 10% in revenue! In a recent survey by Home Gain, Realtors® said investing in staging reaps a more-than 300% return on the investment.
  3. The home staging investment is tax-deductible as an advertising cost of selling your home (check with your tax advisor for details).
  4. Your home will look better in photos than unstaged homes competing for your buyers. If you don’t stage your home, someone else who’s selling theirs nearby will, and guess whose house will look bigger, cleaner, brighter and more attractive? And since 85% of home buyers look at photos online before they visit a house for sale, beautiful photos of your house are essential in attracting buyers to your property!
  5. I see what you don’t. You’ve decorated, arranged and lived in your house. I haven’t…and so I can look at your house objectively and identify things to improve and to play up.
  6. I take the guesswork out of the process. Along with your Realtor®, I’m an expert in knowing what buyers are looking for and how to present your house properly.

I hope I’ve convinced you that home staging works and is worth doing. Let’s work together to get your house sold fast and for top dollar!