“What’s involved in a staging consultation?” I was asked last week by a new Realtor client, and it’s a valid question! Different stagers use different terms, like “walk and talk”, “consultation,” and more. Here is what’s involved when StagingCraft visits sellers to advise them on prepping their houses for sale.

First, the difference between a “walk and talk” and a consultation: Some home stagers use the terms interchangeably, but for StagingCraft, the difference is whether or not Realtors and sellers request a typed report after I’ve toured a property. That typed report entails an additional cost and means the sellers have to wait for our written report. Because of this, I developed a note-taking booklet for sellers to use during the appointment. The booklet has room-by-room tips home sellers should use to prep their houses. This means the sellers’ to-do list is already in their hands when I drive away!

Every house, regardless of condition, benefits from a staging consultation. The data is incontrovertible about how much more money sellers make when a professional home stager advises them: anywhere from 6-20% more money than unstaged houses! So, how does a consultation work? This is StagingCraft’s process for an occupied house:

  1. The Realtor calls StagingCraft to request a consultation on an occupied house.
  2. I speak with both the Realtor and the sellers to learn about property size, time frame for listing, etc. I also get the Realtor’s take on what possible condition or cosmetic barriers may exist that might delay a sale.
  3. We set a date for the consultation.
  4. I arrive at the property for the consultation and begin outside with the sellers, assessing curb appeal and condition of the house exterior, yard, etc.
  5. I tour the property interior with the sellers, advising them on what to do, room by room, to prep their house for sale.
  6. Option: I take notes and photos while touring the house with the sellers and provide a follow-up staging report.
  7. I answer sellers’ questions afterward and suggest the order in which to tackle to-do items. If their Realtor isn’t paying for the consultation appointment, I take payment for the appointment from the sellers. If needed, I also provide sellers with any names/numbers of licensed, reliable service providers to help with any condition or cosmetic issues we have identified.
  8. If the seller wants to involve StagingCraft in any hands-on staging or furniture rental, I provide a verbal estimate, which I follow up in written form, including all costs to plan, pack and move, stage and de-stage a property. The sellers sign the agreement and provide their credit card information (for inventory rental), and StagingCraft schedules the stage.
  9. StagingCraft coordinates the stage with the Realtor and MLS photographer and carries out the job.
  10. Once the property sells, the Realtor notifies me, and I arrange with the home sellers to retrieve any inventory after any contingencies are resolved and at least one week prior to the closing.

It looks like a lot of steps, but for Realtors and sellers, it’s easy—and we KNOW it will result in a profitable, fast sale of the house. StagingCraft’s staged properties almost always sell at or above list price, especially in this seller’s market.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about home staging consultations…and we’re eager to share our expertise with you and your sellers!