Free?! Home staging?! Yep. When StagingCraft is on the job and your house is priced competitively, your home sellers will make back every penny of their staging costs.

Here’s a real-life, recent case study:

A three-bedroom, two-bath ranch home lingered in Southampton three months ago because it was listed for sale in “as-is” condition. No takers. Savvy Super Realtor John Iannarelli of KW Newtown was able to convince the home sellers (adult children of the owner) to let me consult to them on what needed to be done to make it irresistible. After my visit, I recommended a number of condition and cosmetic fixes, and then I staged it. Here’s the math and the result:

1. Original price: $399K as is … NO OFFERS


Kitchen before staging
Bathroom before staging
Bedroom before renovations
Dining room before renovations
Flooring during renovation process

2. I did a home staging consultation and made recommendations, and then I coordinated the following:

  • Interior painting, tile/grout cleaning/sealing
  • Hardwood floor sanding and polishing
  • Light fixture swap-outs
  • Removal of old, water-stained, non-load-bearing basement walls
  • Rehanging closet doors
  • Exterior power washing
  • Staging of the main floor living, dining and kitchen rooms and primary suite.

3. Owners flip out, and John relists it at $429K.


Dining room after renovations and staging
Living room after staging
Kitchen after staging
Bathroom after painting and staging

4.  House sells for $481K cash, no contingencies. 
This is no joke. For just under a $15K investment in improvements and staging/styling, the sellers got $81,000 OVER ORIGINAL ASK for their house.
When you list a vacant house, you lose the opportunity to get the most money possible for listing clients. I see it time and time again. I often tell Realtors and sellers that buyers aren’t looking for a house—they’re looking for a home. Home staging creates environments that are warm and appealing and that buyers can easily imagine themselves living in.

Please call me to help you and your sellers. StagingCraft has the expertise, inventory, and enthusiasm to get your sellers every last cent out of their houses.