Look at these before/after photos! StagingCraft loves a challenge, and when Super Realtor Sherri Belfus Kracht of Class-Harlan asked us to stage this charming and tiny house —with an even tinier guest cottage—on Sackettsford Road, we jumped at the chance.

These were our goals for the MLS photos:

  1. Make rooms appear larger and brighter
  2. Give the 1950’s-era bathroom an up-to-date vibe
  3. Add modern, on-trend appeal to an outdated kitchen
  4. Show buyers a suggested furniture placement for each room.
Tiny house bedroom before staging
Tiny house kitchen before staging
Tiny house dining area before staging
Tiny house loft before staging
Tiny house living room before staging
Tiny house tiny cottage
Tiny house bathroom staged
Tiny house dining room staged
Tiny house living room after staging
Tiny house living room after staging
Tiny house bedroom staged
Tiny house sitting room after staging
Tiny house loft after staging

We hit the mark—the final price came in at $67,500 over the asking price of $375,000. Cash, no contingencies.

Sure, in this market the sellers were virtually guaranteed to get full price, and even more. But 18% over list price? The sellers say StagingCraft’s efforts made the difference. We agree! 😊

Listing a vacant house means leaving money on the table at closing. These days, I’m telling Realtors there’s no need to stage the entire property; I suggest the main living area(s) and the primary suite. Sometimes, adding a home office to a spare bedroom is a great option, too. We focus our efforts in the spaces where buyers will spend the majority of their time.

I’m a phone call away, and I’d love to speak with you about how we can help you get the best results for your sellers.